Angry newly married couple face up wedding photographer who ruined their day

A bunch of angry newly married have faced up a wedding photographer and videographer from Brisbane they claim smashed their special day.

A leading website reported all their wedding horror tales and negative reviews about Lakes Photography company and its owner Justin Hollow.
Amy Mitchell called off her booking with the photography service after Mr Hollow altered the photographers who would shoot her wedding ceremony. She told, during the heated confrontation with Mr Hollow, that one deny to even tell that they were not going to be there.
The Office of Fair Trading has stated that Mrs Mitchell that she is ennobled to a full refund, but as of now she has just got US$ 150 and some verbal abuse from Mr Hollow.
Joel and Kirsty are also staying in the line on a refund. Justin made some unfounded claims Joel’s stepfather named Greg was a pedophile. There is actually no evidence to that and he has never been accused of being a sex offender. Greg entered into the whole story when he became involved and tried to secure a refund for the couple. Justin sent him several messages, such as – “Your name comes up on a sex offender list”, “it says you molest kids”, “I’m happy to link that to social media if you like” and “I don’t like kiddy fiddlers”.
There is no shortage of unhappy couples. Mr Hollow, earlier, has been banned from being a Australian Institute of Professional Photography member. In fact, he is also being investigated by Queensland Office of Fair Trading.