Island Photographer to Showcase Lace Bobbins and Photography

Sam Kurtul, a professional photographer, is going to flaunt his works in an exhibition from 6th October, and the event will continue until 11th October at the location of Quarr Abbey.

He is a popular artist whose works have been published in both national and international fields from time to time.  He also sends his photographs to the famous competition that is organized by the franchise of National Geographic.

However, for this exhibition, Sam is not alone as Sara Jones is helping him with the lace bobbins painting. Sara is also a reputed artist who is known for her incredible talent of painting the lace bobbins. She is incredibly popular in the entire UK, her talent is amazing and her works leave people speechless. So, it is expected that this competition is going to be a memorable one as the two eminent creative persons are associated with this.

One of the most important aspects of this exhibition is that all the pictures and bobbins will be for sale. A certain amount of the total money that will be collected at the end of the exhibition, will be donated to Quarr Abbey.

People who are interested in visiting this event and witnessing the amazing works of the duo can go in anytime between 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. The exhibition will remain open all day within the stipulated time period. As far as the admission charge is concerned, it is free so that everyone with an interest in the creative show can attend the event without any hitch.