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Bear tries his hand at photography

It was a sight to watch when a grizzly bear was found standing behind the shutter bugs in a pose that had striking resemblance to a human being.

This astonishing moment was captured by Jim Lawrence in British Columbia earlier this month. Lawrence’s image of the bear standing on its hind legs looking curiously behind the camera has startled people immensely in the social media. Its human like pose is worth watching.

Lawrence, while talking about this remarkable piece of art mentioned that the bear in the photograph was actually looking for its prey. In fact it was fishing for Kokanee (a kind of Sockeye salmon) and walking towards the stream. It was at this time that Lawrence arranged his camera at the opening of the bush with the desire of getting a photo of this mighty creature as it passed by. However the course of action that happened thereafter was beyond Lawrence’s imagination. The bear’s movement was unpredictable and to his utter surprises this grizzly creature crossed to his side and rushed towards the bank. Lawrence wasted no time and quickly rushed to the truck for another camera.

The common trait of all intelligent species thriving on earth is their curiosity and the bear is no exception. The IQ level of these species is equivalent to apes and also some people compare their level of intelligence to a 3 year old human. This particular grizzly who was on an exploring spree further confirmed this truth. Lawrence said that this bear approached cautiously towards the camera and sniffed out of curiosity. It then advance closer and inspected this strange object carefully. He studied the screen and buttons and also tapped on the strap. When the camera tilted upwards the creature looked in awe and didn’t wait any longer and headed towards his fishing. This unique photograph has been send by Lawrence to CBC Radio One’s B.C. Almanac.

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