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Photography awards event in Ghana

PD Events GH is all set to arranged their very first photo awards event in Ghana called The “GH PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS.”

Photography awards event in Ghana
This is going to be a unique contest to challenge the local photography community located in Ghana. The contestants is meant to source as well as showcase amazing snapshots from emerging, amateurs, as well as established photographers in Ghana. The event would also relish their ambitions, promote and creativity. Read more »

Photo London set to come back

Photo London reveals next year’s edition, calling Don McCullin as Master of Photography. Following all the successes of the very first edition earlier this year, Photo London has declared their come back in the year 2016, putting on a long celebration of photography taking in city-wide exhibits, installations as well as talks from the 19th to 22nd May, next year.

Produced by Candlestar, the company behind Prix Pictet as well as several other curatorial-based enterprises, the Photo London this year has housed over seventy galleries at Somerset House. As Michael Benson, the co-director of Candlestar as well as co-founder of Photo London along with Fariba Farshad, told that the fair has whet the city’s appetency for photography.

It was stated that next year, they have extended to add 80 galleries – they have been so inundated with applications that they have even had to create a temporary structure in the courtyard. Exhibitors include Galerie Polaris, TJ Boulting, and Flowers Gallery, along with top photography galleries revealing along with a ‘Discovery’ section for new galleries.

Work displayed by the Manchester restaurant offers website also lets in a site-specific commission by London based artists Walter and Zoniel, a line of works by Turner Prize-winning photographer and artist Craigie Horsfield as well as an exhibition of work loaned from Moscow Multimedia Art Museum. They also expect to attract non-buyers along with a series of talks with participants like Nadav Kander, David Maisel, Martin Parr and Chloe Dewe Mathews.

Avi Dascaloff’s photography business

Avi Dascaloff has always been called as the boy with the camera. The 25 year old resident from Longview said that as a little boy, he always had a camera with him, even through high school, he was the guy taking pictures of everyone. He added that he always knew that he wanted to have his own photography business.

But what he did not know was that he would actually start his photography business with his beloved Brooklen Ferrell, who also loves photography. Brooklen, 19, from Longview, said that he took photo classes for 3 years in his high school. She was always taking pictures for her family and friends, but she just did not have a nice enough camera.

Previous July, the pair introduced their very own photography business, with Dascaloff’s initials ad they called it ACD Photography. Even though Dascaloff works part-time as a lifeguard at Longview YMCA, while Ferrell works part-time at Applebee’s, the 2 have already done over hundred photo shoots and told that they have utilized savings and loan to begin the business which took them around $2000 to launch. Read more »

Mary McCartney’s starry presentation

London based professional photographer, Mary Mc Cartney, 45, had launched a new book and the exhibition of her presentation at an elite party. The presentation of her work has been opened to the public and it encompasses a complete two decade of her family photographs. This includes her musician father, Paul Mc Cartney, her mother Linda Mc Cartney, her kid sister Stella who is a fashion designer by profession and other elite personalities like the English actor Jude Law, English model, actor and socialite Cara Delevingne and singer Morrissey.

Mary Mc Cartney had once said that she would always observer the people and their behavior and think in how these people got to the place where they actually are. She further said that she was interested in knowing the true story of people behind their struggle and wanted to portray through her pictures the hard work put in a performance or a fashion show to make it succeed. She hailed from a celebrity family and so had observer the effort taken by a crew of about 80 people to make the work a success. She even said that shooting may sound to be a glamorous event but one may have to bear the extremes of temperatures to make the event look so appealing.

In order to present this particular exhibition she has chosen 50 pictures that are on sale from about a total of 500,000 images. In the exhibition a book of two volumes containing 300 images has also been displayed, lovingly chosen by Mary and her protege Andrew. Among the many images there is a brilliant presentation of the image of a hand with a frog which belonged to Linda Mc Cartney, her late mother who was also a famous photographer. She attributes her passion of photography to her mother and says that she would not have been able to pursue her passion without her. This exhibition featuring monochrome and colored photographs will run till the 5th of December and admission is free.

Wolfville travel photography session

Once, the Valley residents bought goats for Toundoute village in Morocco. Again, they stepped up when Nance Ackerman as well as her cousin guided a tour there. Previous week, Ackerman stated that this is about giving back. Their mandate is that, each time, they serve a community wherever they visit.

Nance Ackerman, who has a base in both Halifax and Annapolis County, would be in Wolfville on 29th January to talk about few of her travel experiences. The title for the presentation is Photography for Change.

She and Laurie Nassif, her cousin, decided to begin their very own photography tours and workshops in the year 2010 so  that they can fill the demand for tours which bring photo and travel enthusiasts to a whole new level of awareness when it comes to travel.

Ackerman stated that they plan itineraries which appeal to independent traveler as well as those who want to give back, and at the same time perfecting their skills in photography. Cousins Photo Tours put up many unique tours a year to different places such as West Africa and Vietnam.

Their love and passion for travel was bucked up by their late grandmother. She took each grandchild on an adventure tour when they graduated from the university. They rarely used to go to the touristy areas. They used to look for authentic markets and head to the poor part of town. She really believes that any individual could affect a positive change in the world.

Liam Filtness, a budding wildlife photographer

If you walk through the jungles of Smallfield or Sharpthorne, you might come across sixteen year old Liam Filtness whose mania is wildlife photography and more importantly his purpose to get the perfect snap has spot him lie in wait for up to twenty long hours at a time. Once, he waited for at least 10 hours for a badger snap that did not show their face.

The skilful photographer go after his hobby in woods around his 2 uncles’ farms – one in Smallfield and another one is in one in Sharpthorne. Liam has just finished his school. Now he expects to be a professional photographer and film maker.

Liam stated that he got his very 1st camera when he was 10 years old. Before that, he used to the woods with his uncle that is how he got interested in wildlife. When he got his first camera, he had begun photographing flowers as well as other things like that. After holidays in Cornwall, he started getting into taking pictures of wildlife. He added that it is really very interesting to watch them. One cannot anticipate what animals are coming and it is really thrilling.

Getting a proper shot is not easy; it is not like just turning up at the place, and pressing the button. While in the woods, Liam sports a full camouflaged dress.

Liam told that at times he get up at 3 am to get in the right spot by 4 am. He has got full camouflaged jacket and trousers. He told that if the animals see his skin, they would run away.

Aimia/AGO Photography Prize

Aimia/AGO Photography Prize has turned into a big deal in quite a short time, just 6 years. In fact it is unique and the winner of it is selected by public vote. The short listed candidates for the prize was revealed earlier this week in Toronto, Canada.

On 11th September, the Art Gallery of Ontario opens a nearly 4 month exhibit of representative works by all the finalists. The four of them is battling for the top cash prize of US$ 50000.
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Best job in the world

Life has always not been kind to twenty nine year old Afghan Moska Najib, but now she is very close to get a dream job in Australia which will pay her US$ 100000 for 6 months’ work. Moska is the daughter of former Afghanistan president Mohammad Najibullah, who was killed by the Taliban in the year 1996. She has now made it to the final-18 participants out of 620000 entries in “best jobs in the world” contest organized by Tourism Australia.

Najib now stays in India where she fled with her sister and her mother after Mohammad Najibullah’s Soviet backed regime fall and the Taliban took over the control of the country. Najib, who last year quit a 6 year career as a reporter and producer with the BBC to go after her passions of film making and photography. She is now firmly focused on Australia at this point of time.

Moska will reach Australia for a week next month. There she will be joined by other finalists from – United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Belgium and Taiwan. The participants compete in a series of different challenges to be selected for the 6 dream jobs, including park ranger (Queensland), chief funster (NSW), lifestyle photographer (Melbourne), outback adventurer (Northern Territory), tastemaster (Western Australia) and wildlife caretaker (South Australia).

Moska is in the running for the lifestyle photographer job based in Melbourne but she have to win through challenges which include writing a blog regarding her Australian travel experiences, making a tourism video as well as fronting an impromptu press conference. Moska told that back in 2009, when Tourism Australia ran its very first best job in the world campaign, she was producing a story for BBC and came across the contest in a news piece.

Stopped from taking snaps

A railway fancier was stopped from capturing pictures of a special train locomotive by the Newark police as he refused to provide his identity. Now, in reply to a complaint given by the ACLU (Delaware) on his behalf, the City of Newark has brought out a policy directive asking their police force that clicking photographs of railroad equipment or trains is not a suspicious activity which entitles the police to ask for identification.

Daniel Dedinas, a railway fancier, whose hobbies include capturing snaps of trains, was near the railway tracks behind the FedEx shop on the Newark Elkton Road, was waiting to take snaps the unique locomotive as it travel by Newark. That time, Daniel was stopped by 2 Newark police officers, who later acknowledged that they had no cause to think that he was committing or even about to commit a crime.

Dedinas handed the police officers his name and address, but on privacy issue, he refused to hand any official identification. In reply, the police said him that he could not take pictures of the train till he confirms his identity. The locomotive passes by when they were talking.

The 1st Amendment protects the right of people to take snaps of activities that takes place in public, that even includes passing trains. More than that, Delaware’s laws gives police officers the authority to ask for identification, but that is only applicable if there is a reasonable ground to think that the person is committing, has committed or is about to commit some kind of crime. The Newark police has now been asked that clicking pictures of railroad equipment or trains is not grounds for asking an individual for his identity.

Joel Sartore program to help Northwest Trek

Tckets are now on sale for a 23rd March event Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer, that will help the Northwest Trek Foundation.

Joel Sartore has traveled across the world photographing endangered and rare species in some of the world’s most pristine and wild places. In his twenty two year stint, Joel has produced thirty articles for the magazine. His photographs has also appeared in Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Life, Time, Audubon and many other books.

He will carry that expertise to the help of the conservation programs and endangered species at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Joel will speak about his photography as well as his passion for animals in his presentation at the Puyallup High School.

In “Rare: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species,” Joel will release his book with the same name. In a news release he told that the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park not only engages thousands of guests each year but works to instill a conservation message that desperately needs to be heard these days; how people perceive and treat all creatures, great and small. When we save other species, we’re actually saving ourselves.

Foundation’s board of directors’ member Denice Voss told that they are really thrilled that Joel will bring his message of wildlife conservation there as his work closely dovetails with their mission. She added that Joel was was eager to come and see firsthand the contribution Northwest Trek Wildlife Park makes to the preservation of native species, and he is a big believer in the enrichment of animals.