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Island Photographer to Showcase Lace Bobbins and Photography

Sam Kurtul, a professional photographer, is going to flaunt his works in an exhibition from 6th October, and the event will continue until 11th October at the location of Quarr Abbey.

He is a popular artist whose works have been published in both national and international fields from time to time.  He also sends his photographs to the famous competition that is organized by the franchise of National Geographic.

However, for this exhibition, Sam is not alone as Sara Jones is helping him with the lace bobbins painting. Sara is also a reputed artist who is known for her incredible talent of painting the lace bobbins. She is incredibly popular in the entire UK, her talent is amazing and her works leave people speechless. So, it is expected that this competition is going to be a memorable one as the two eminent creative persons are associated with this.
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Avi Dascaloff’s photography business

Avi Dascaloff has always been called as the boy with the camera. The 25 year old resident from Longview said that as a little boy, he always had a camera with him, even through high school, he was the guy taking pictures of everyone. He added that he always knew that he wanted to have his own photography business.

But what he did not know was that he would actually start his photography business with his beloved Brooklen Ferrell, who also loves photography. Brooklen, 19, from Longview, said that he took photo classes for 3 years in his high school. She was always taking pictures for her family and friends, but she just did not have a nice enough camera.

Previous July, the pair introduced their very own photography business, with Dascaloff’s initials ad they called it ACD Photography. Even though Dascaloff works part-time as a lifeguard at Longview YMCA, while Ferrell works part-time at Applebee’s, the 2 have already done over hundred photo shoots and told that they have utilized savings and loan to begin the business which took them around $2000 to launch. Read more »

Bear tries his hand at photography

It was a sight to watch when a grizzly bear was found standing behind the shutter bugs in a pose that had striking resemblance to a human being.

This astonishing moment was captured by Jim Lawrence in British Columbia earlier this month. Lawrence’s image of the bear standing on its hind legs looking curiously behind the camera has startled people immensely in the social media. Its human like pose is worth watching.

Lawrence, while talking about this remarkable piece of art mentioned that the bear in the photograph was actually looking for its prey. In fact it was fishing for Kokanee (a kind of Sockeye salmon) and walking towards the stream. It was at this time that Lawrence arranged his camera at the opening of the bush with the desire of getting a photo of this mighty creature as it passed by. However the course of action that happened thereafter was beyond Lawrence’s imagination. The bear’s movement was unpredictable and to his utter surprises this grizzly creature crossed to his side and rushed towards the bank. Lawrence wasted no time and quickly rushed to the truck for another camera.

The common trait of all intelligent species thriving on earth is their curiosity and the bear is no exception. The IQ level of these species is equivalent to apes and also some people compare their level of intelligence to a 3 year old human. This particular grizzly who was on an exploring spree further confirmed this truth. Lawrence said that this bear approached cautiously towards the camera and sniffed out of curiosity. It then advance closer and inspected this strange object carefully. He studied the screen and buttons and also tapped on the strap. When the camera tilted upwards the creature looked in awe and didn’t wait any longer and headed towards his fishing. This unique photograph has been send by Lawrence to CBC Radio One’s B.C. Almanac.

Fine art pictures exhibition

Holden Luntz Gallery, every season, turn its glamour more with an exhibit which shows some aspect of the world of fashion photography. On Saturday’s opening show called ‘In the Spotlight’, features fashion photographs made from the late 30s through the 1st decade of the twenty first century. But, it also shows images categorized as ‘celebrity’ pictures with more than sixty works.

Holden Luntz, the director of the gallery told that there are the pictures to dream about. They portray powerful individuals as well as beautiful clothes – things that everyone all aspires. This is a different world that people want themselves to connect with. Each time, one looks at these pictures, even though they may fifty years old, one gets the sense that this is the present time – a time that they might not have experienced till then, but one could really a feel for something.

Luntz added that these kinds of pictures play quite well in the Plam Beach. Nothing gritty is involved in these, they are really uplifting. The pictures are really beautiful with a sense of desire in it.

Jodi Luntz told that they exhibit fashion work each year; and this time of the year is really a high time for their gallery as lot of people visit their gallery. This year, the organizers are fortunate because this is the very first time when they would bribe Patrick Demarchelier’s pictures to the Palm Beach. He is really an important person in this field.

Norfolk photographers get national plaudits

Two amateur photographers from Norfolk have won national acclamation for their beautiful presentation of the wildlife around Norwich. Norwich’s James Yaxley and Blofield’s Jamie Hall were highly appreciated at the finals of BWPA (British Wildlife Photography Awards).

Forty six year old Yaxley got the honor in animal behavior category. ‘Hands Up’ a beautiful portrait of a frog in Mousehold Heath’s Vinegar Pond. But the favorite submission of his was the snap of a pheasant, represented against the morning light at a RSPB nature park outside the city.

He told that he knew that there was a friendly pheasant at the Strumpshaw Fen that would come to him and ask for food. One morning, he got up early in the morning and thought that it would make a great silhouette. When he reached the place, he set his tripod and put some food; and fortunately, the trick worked. He added that one just could not stage wildlife pictures, but his snap was a rare example of being able to use his skill as well as the knowledge of the subject got him a great shot.

On the other hand thirty four year old Jamie Hall is a self employed decorator. He was appreciated for his emotive snap of a dead fox lying by Norwich’s Southern Bypass. He used a long exposure to hold that lights of passing cars, including an emergency blue light of police car.

Jamie told that it was to tell a story. The idea of having the lights in the background was to reveal that in spite of something killed, people carry on and life still goes on.

Master photographer delivers ‘Taiwan Impression’

Photographer Wu Tung-shin just loves beautiful landscapes. Right now, the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s chairman is exhibiting his impressions for the very first time at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition 2012. The ongoing exhibition will go on till 14th October in the Xinyi District of Taipei. His photographs show his love for photography and Taiwan via many heartfelt snaps that shows each corners of the island.

Wu had paid attention to every detail even after the art of photography had evolved with image technology and advancement in digitalization. He told that digital technology is not essential, but still it makes a variety in the dynamics of snaps capturing.

With ‘Taiwan Impression’ theme, Wu slips away from his job as a chairman for few moments and indulges in his love for recording unwritten tales of Taiwan. For him, photography is clicking the timeless periods of everyday life with his camera. He anticipates that the international event may turn into a sharing stage for photographers from across the world.

Along with Wu’s snaps, the Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition 2012 also displays several well known photographers’ works, dealing with topics from culture, travel and society.

Mitsukoshi Exhibition, which is now in its 6th year, is a huge photography event which assembles the works of well known photographers from across the world. Michael Yamashita, the well known Japanese photographer is showcasing his new photographs from Shangri-La, China. The pictures are also published in a book during the exhibition.

Ever considered joining the Paparazzi

The Paparazzi are not only the Celebrity Photographers that harass and make the lives of many actors and famous individuals a real nightmare, they are Street Photographers using their Journalism background to get the latest photos of, for example, Madonna eating an ice cream in her pajamas.

According to Tim (the Boudoir photographer derbyshire) they have to be quick and get the “front side” of the celebrity. Preferably, the bigger the image (as to fill front page on the Yellow Press) the more you will get paid, from hair to shoes and vertically taken.

If you do not have a telephoto lens, get real close, you may be risking your equipment and face, but the challenge will be greatly rewarded.

A good backpack will keep your equipment close to you and concealed. Get the camera ready to shoot and start firing when the moment calls for it.

Make the most of your camera

Most photographers would like to have the perfect shot and just go to the print. Unfortunately there are many sides of a picture that are not seen immediately and an innumerable amount of factors that contribute to imperfection, according to Tim at Portrait Photography Stockport.

Editing software has been the solution to this entire conundrum.

Analog photographs were, and in some cases still are, treated with chemicals after the exposure of the film in order to obtain a negative or a positive image. Dark rooms were not created to scare unruly children, rather to develop the films. Digital Photography uses light sensors to capture an image that is then stored in the form of a digital file.

What is Polaroid Photography?

As instant coffee is still popular, so is the Polaroid Camera, “Instant”. At the beginning they utilized roll film, and later it was substituted by packed film. For black and white photos, the photographic film is covered with a single layer of silver mix that is sensitive to light. For color photographs the film is layered with 3 coats: the first sensitive to blue light, the second to green and the third to red light.

Apart from the sensitive to light layers covering the film, there are others for developing processes and producing a chain reaction of chemicals to bring the picture alive.

Polaroids are not the only Land Cameras available, rather just one of the many.

Disposable Cameras
The first single use camera was manufactured by Fuji and it was called Quick snap (Utsurun-Desu in Japan).Kodak and Konica followed with some models that did not get popular due to the lower price of Fuji.

Today children use them in excursions or school trips. Other than that is a collector’s choice.